Luxurious Walk-In Showers in Minnesota

Often, installing a new shower or replacing an older tub with a nicer, updated shower can improve the aesthetics of your entire bathroom. It also provides you with useful upgrades and safety features. Due to mold, mildew, age and wear, many older tubs and showers are damaged, inefficient, unsightly and possibly unsafe. Add to that the high cost of fixing or refinishing most bathroom fixtures, and it makes sense to let someone like Minnesota Shower and Bath upgrade you with a no-hassle, beautiful new shower. Our efficient and experienced installation specialists can get you up and running with a great KOHLER product in as little as one day. Remember, consultations and estimates are free and many of our products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. So, for a brand new, beautiful Walk-In Shower or shower replacement, Minnesota Shower and Bath has the team to take care of you.

When livening up a tired-looking bathroom, you don’t need to stick to standard models and traditional design elements. MN Shower & Bath carries an extensive selection of beautiful, modern walk-in tubs to elevate the level of luxury and sophistication in your bath.

Safety Features for Seniors

MN Shower & Bath believes that our customers deserve the best of both worlds. So we stock up on walk-in showers that are as sophisticated as they are safe.

We have more than 60 years of experience in installing safe walk-in showers for Minnesota residents. Feel free to request an accessible walk-in shower with a low threshold entrance for an elderly loved one. We specialize in installing baths that allow seniors with limited mobility to enjoy a safe bathing experience. With our products, your elderly loved ones are able to stay independent in the comfort of their home.

Low-Maintenance Showers that Last

You can be sure that our walk-in showers are highly durable. We have always been proud of the quality of our work and you can be sure that your new shower will be installed by highly experienced technicians.

As a Kohler specialty division in Minnesota, we have access to some of the highest-quality walk-in showers on the market. We use only top-grade materials, accessories, and hardware supplied by some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Our walk-in showers require little maintenance, so you can spend less time on chores and more time to do the things you love.

Count on our dedicated design team to help you decide on the shower color, style, and accessories that will turn your bath into the at-home spa you have always dreamed of. Talk to us about your accessibility needs. We will be happy to present you with customizable options and to explain to you the features and benefits of the different walk-in shower models available to you.

Call us at 651-646-1687 or fill out our form to schedule a consultation.

More and more homeowners are throwing out their dangerous, hard to step over bathtubs for a KOHLER Walk-In Shower by Minnesota Shower and Bath. Easy to enter, more room to bathe and more accessible options to choose from for your showering experience. KOHLER offers sleek designs that are aesthetically pleasing while giving your entire bathroom a face-lift. A KOHLER Walk-In Shower quickly becomes a new bathroom in as little as one day. These showers also boast a very user-friendly feature: they are easily cleaned! The textured floor protects you from slipping, the openness improves the space in your bathroom and the design allows for very manageable upkeep. Getting all the information from one of our consultants is simple and it’s free. All you have to do is call Minnesota Shower and Bath today to find out why a KOHLER Walk-In Shower is right for you.

  • Personalized Accessories: Minnesota Shower and Bath gives you the option to customize and accessorize with our KOHLER Choreograph wall systems. Customers not only have design and trim choices in these packages, but can choose showerheads or handheld sprayers, storage lockers, shower seats, shelves and much more!
  • Long-Lasting Materials: KOHLER makes all of our Walk-In Shower walls with its own precisely-designed composite material called Serica.
  • Serica: Made with crushed stone which makes it very durable and will surely stand the test of time in the daily rigors of your bathroom.
  • Crisp, Clean Designs: Our Walk-In Showers come in a wide array of colors and patterns to make your bathroom shine with style.
  • Low-Maintenance: With minimal seams and expertly set joints, Minnesota Shower and Bath can provide you with an easy-to-clean Walk-In Shower because there is simply less space for mildew and mold to exist.
  • Slip-Resistant Surfaces: KOHLER has combined a well-thought-out slip-resistant texture in their Walk-In Showers as well as keeping a low lip on the shower bottom for safety.

Choreograph was designed by KOHLER for customers to customize their shower experience to their own liking. This sleek and stylish collection allows you to create and organize your own shower, giving enough options, colors and accessories to suit a plethora of bathrooms and families. Choreograph is so appealing because it makes your Walk-In Shower from Minnesota Shower and Bath truly as unique as you are.

Minnesota Shower and Bath has a great team of consultants and KOHLER-Certified Installation Specialists who are only a phone call away in Minnesota. They can help you find the right product for your bathroom needs, whether it’s a Walk-In Shower, Walk-In Bath, or bathtub. Your project is installed in as little as one day. Installation can be simple and non-invasive because our baths and showers do not require a full remodel. We utilize the existing space you already have. With the KOHLER Lifetime Limited Warranty, Minnesota Shower and Bath is your best choice.

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