Professional Walk-In Shower Construction in Inver Grove Heights

Inver Grove Heights walk in shower
Advantages of a Walk-in Shower

  • Unlike standard stalls, walk-in showers don't need a drape or door to obstruct the spray of water, leading to a spacious, open look.
  • Walk-in showers have shallow curbs to keep excess water from running onto the restroom flooring -which means higher availability, a big advantage for those with joint injuries or mobility problems.

Why Not Consider a Walk-in Shower

  • Remember house resale value prior to transforming all of your tubs to walk-in showers. Efficiently, your home needs to have at least one bathroom with a full-size tub. Appraisers and realty agents classify restrooms by components, and, in order to certify as a "complete bath," there need to be a tub. A bathroom with a shower but no tub is deemed a "three-quarter bath.”
Other principles to bear in mind prior to conversion:
  • Bathing little kids is generally simpler in a tub than in a shower.
  • A walk-in shower might deliver less privacy than a shower stall with a door.
  • If there isn't a shower door it can make it feel breezy during showering.
To see some illustrations of walk-in showers go here

How to Care for Your Walk-in Shower

Wondering exactly what will be required to make sure your walk-in shower stays clean and fresh? Here are some fundamental suggestions to keep your walk-in shower in leading shape.

  • Start your shower room exhaust fan before showering.
  • A draining shower caddy will help decrease mold, slimy residues and mildew from your bar soaps and bath gels.
  • After every shower spray the shower down with a spray-- either handcrafted or shop bought- to prevent soap scum and deposits.
  • Mildew can be prevented by squeegeeing the walls.
  • Once a week you should spray tiles with an all function bathroom cleaner, scrub with a nylon brush and rinse.
  • If you actually desire your glass enclosure to keep looking fantastic use a business glass cleaner and soft cloth after every shower.
  • Grout lines should be sealed every 6 months to keep mildew and difficult water discolorations at bay.
If you desire an easy to maintain walk-in shower then check this out.

We Add Walk-In Showers in Inver Grove Heights

Give us a call at 651-646-1687 if you're thinking about putting in a Walk-In Shower in your Inver Grove Heights home. Our online scheduling is readily available 24/7 for you to schedule a consultation for one of our experts to come see your potential Walk-In Shower job. We would like to have a chance to consult with you. We have been assisting house owners in Minnesota for over 60 years. Kohler is our preferred brand name of bath products. For house owners in Inver Grove Heights, we can likewise install walk-in tubs.

How Much is a Walk-In Shower?

A prefabricated package can cost from $800 to $2500 depending upon the choices and materials. As long as you do it right, installing the shower pan and doors yourself can conserve some loan-- but might end up costing a lot more if done wrong. Having a pro do it will include from $750-$ 2500 depending on what has to be done. Depending upon the last size and the materials selected, a professionally installed customized shower can run $6,500 to $15,000 or more. If you desire to get a great quote for your job you can schedule an appointment here.

Walk-In Shower Installation Process

This is exactly what you can anticipate from a walk-in shower project:

Demolition and disposal of the old tub and drywall.
Build walls to fit new walk-in shower as required.
All the mechanical changes are made to water lines, drains and electrical.
The shower pan is positioned and secured to the framework.
The wall surround is put in.
The mechanical final is done by putting in faucets, showerheads and drains.
Installation of glass doors or panels is done last to avoid accidental fractures or chips from other setup steps.

Advantage for a Walk-in Shower Seat

A shower seat, whether it is a built-in bench or a teak stool, broaden a walk-in shower's purpose. If you need to have the ability to shave your legs or reach toiletries safely a walk-in shower seat can help. A walk-in shower seat can help you loosen up.

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