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If you are thinking about setting up a Walk-In Shower in your Apple Valley home, then you can give us a call at 651-646-1687. If you want to schedule an appointment for us to come and provide you a price quote for your home you can also go to our handy online form to set it up. We anticipate working with you on your project. We have been serving Minnesota homeowners for over 60 years. We install great Kohler brand items and are a preferred supplier for them. If you are interested, we also set up walk-in tubs in Apple Valley.

Why Consider a Walk-in Shower

  • Walk-in showers are open looking due to the fact that they do not require a drape or door to keep water in.
  • For those with injuries or other motion problems a walk-in shower can offer far better gain access to. Walk-in showers have a little curb to prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom flooring.

Disadvantages of a Walk-in Shower

  • A home with no tubs might have a lower resale worth as a full tub is considered a full restroom versus a three quarter bath.
Other concepts to bear in mind prior to conversion:
  • Tubs are simpler to bath kids in.
  • A walk-in shower might give less privacy than a shower stall with a door.
  • Showering in a walk-in shower without a door can cause it to feel drafty.
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Why would you wish to sit in your walk-in shower?

To increase your walk-in shower's usefulness consider including either an integrated bench or a stool. Being able to sit in the shower provides the versatility to shave legs, reach toiletries and possibly reach particular sprays. A nice stylish seat can likewise serve as a place to unwind in your walk-in shower.

Walk-In Shower Installation Process

This is exactly what you can expect from a walk-in shower job:

Removal of the old tub or shower enclosure and demolition of wallboard.
New wall framework, if necessary, to accommodate the shower configuration.
Water system lines, drains and any overhead lights will be done.
Shower pan installation. A prefab shower pan requires just to be set in place and connected to the framing,
This is the time to place the wall surround.
The mechanical final is done by putting in faucets, showerheads and drains.
To prevent any fractures or chips, glass doors and panels are put in last.

Take care of a Walk-in Shower

Congrats! You've got a new updated shower room. Here are some fundamental pointers to keep your walk-in shower in leading shape.

  • Start your shower room exhaust ventilator prior to showering.
  • Your shampoos, bar soaps and bath gels need to remain in a shower caddy that enables water drainage to prevent any sticky, slimy residues.
  • After every shower, use an everyday shower spray (which you can make yourself or get in your supermarket cleaning supply aisle), which breaks down soap residue. Spray lightly on tile walls and floors to assist shed water and keep soap scum and difficult water deposits from forming.
  • After the spray, squeegee the tile walls with a rubber squeegee to get the walls to dry much faster and avoid mildew.
  • Tile should be sprayed with an all function cleaner and rinsed when a week.
  • Tidy glass panels with business glass cleaner and soft tidy fabrics (or absorbent paper towels) after each shower to keep glass sparkling tidy.
  • To prevent mildew and discolorations you need to seal your grout lines every 6 months (or basically depending upon exactly what your tile setter tells you).
If you desire an easy to maintain walk-in shower then check this out.

Just how much is a Walk-In Shower?

A premade walk-in shower set ought to cost from $800 to $2500 for the package alone. If you install the shower and doors yourself you can save some loan but doing it best with a pro will add another $750 to $2500 depending on what requires to be done. Including glass sidewalls and doors, which are thicker than basic sheet glass, additional boosts the cost. To get a quote for your project you can schedule an appointment here

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